My work illustrates my multifaceted approach to sustainability and materiality through the concentration on waste reduction, fiber content, dyestuff, and traditional craft. I strictly use natural fibers ranging from my focus on hemp, to the upcycling of post-consumer cotton t-shirts into usable yarn. I work only with natural dyes to create vibrant and saturated colors that redefine the stereotype of “Earth tones”, and my desire to bridge industries has led me to an investigation into the use of food waste as dye material. My appreciation of handcraft and tradition has led to the integration of weaving in my work, and the exploration of the vast capabilities of its universal language. I integrate the design and pattern drafting process to create modular zero-waste patterns that leave no part of the fabric wasted. I also look to indigenous construction techniques to create zero-waste garments from rectangles and squares, appreciating the textile as an heirloom itself and therefore never cutting it. From these techniques I created a unique weaving process that allows for shaping and assembles the garment pieces on the loom in concert with weaving. In slowing fashion down, I hope to encourage a sustainable method of dress in the age of consumption.